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VIP Virtual Ticket to Advance 360°


Virtual Event


Opportunity to Share The Stage With
Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi!


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Join Project Next
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What is Project Next?

Get your Mastery Blueprint designed to help you confidently launch or scale your digital brand in 2021 with a course, workshop, mastermind even if you have just one follower. With Project Next, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and their team will guide you through the three elements you need to ignite your future and live with blazing passion! With Immersion, Repetition, and Mastery elements you will have all you need to reach success.

Digital Product System

The complete Project Next Program teaches you:

ICON - Check Mark


Our brand new program focuses on helping people take their skill, message or passion & sell it online to those needing them most! This will be the immersion people need to truly undestand the power they have living inside of them & how to sell it to the world!

ICON - Multiple


Alongside the immersion, each student will get 8 weeks of guided implementation led by Tony & Dean’s team & special guests (you don’t have to do the work!) where we guide them through the content and focus on completion prior to the last and final piece of this journey!

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The last puzzle piece in “Project Next” is a ticket to our LIVE 3 day virtual event where we immerse them into the knowledge industry, teach them how to scale, and celebrate their results. This is everything they need to walk away on fire for their future!

Everything you get with Project Next:


6 module course to show you exactly how to extract knowledge you already have, and launch or scale into the knowledge industry.

Tony and Dean


We know education without execution becomes SHELF education and we’re not about to let that happen to you. Come together with a community of like minded individuals paired with $100M business coach (Dean Graziosi) to help overcome hurdles, go through the course and fuel wins.


Where knowledge and practice turn into mastery! Featuring the greatest speakers on earth sharing exactly how they launched and scaled their online knowledge businesses. The only place where you can get this lineup of speakers together in one place.


After seeing and surveying thousands of success stories, one common through-line to most of them was accountability. Join your new family where you can go anytime for accountability, advice, weekly trainings and collaboration.


Your implementation tool to make this real and spread your message to the world! From theory to online selling in just 3 steps.

Join Through Pete Vargas And, Get These Bonuses Included With Project Next!

Jenna Kutcher


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
with Jenna Kutcher

In this special training Jenna Kutcher is going to help you overcome imposter syndrome & show up with confidence on social media! This is the only way to get Jenna’s “complete social media success guide FREE!


Becoming Unstoppable
with Jamie Kern Lima

Discover the “Become Unstoppable” habits Jamie used to go from Denny’s waitress to selling her business for $1.2 Billion Dollars FOR FREE!

Jamie Kern
Russell Brunson


The Reporter Method
with Russell Brunson

Don’t feel you have anything to share? Let Russell teach you the “Reporter Method” and confidently share others people’s knowledge!

Plus get these insane bonuses exclusively through me!

BONUS #1 (Value $997)

Nail Your Dot Training with
Pat Quinn

One of the biggest obstacles to unlock your future is getting CLARITY on your niche, your industry and your purpose. Pat Quinn will host an exclusive training to help you nail down your dots. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive 1:1 feedback that will help you accelerate into greater impact and income!

Pete Vargas

BONUS #2 (Value $1,797)

Join Us As A VIP Guest for
Advance 360 iNTERACTIVE!

Advance 360 iNTERACTIVE is the ONLY 3-day event designed to turbo-charge the Project Next Program by combining it with powerful platform building training.

Plus, as a VIP guest you will have exclusive access to pre-event training, special Q&A’s, Private meet-ups, and much more!

Take your knowledge, experience, and story onto stages and platforms filled with audiences eager to work with you. We’ll show you how to build your platform, leverage the platforms of others, and grow your business rapidly in just 3 days!

BONUS #3 (Value $447)

Steal Dean & Tony’s Blue Print for
Executing High-Level Virtual Events!

Virtual events are one of the fastest and easiest ways to expand your brand, increase your revenue, and spread your message – if you know how to execute them the right way!

We will take you behind the scenes of the biggest virtual events in the world and show you how you can create them too

This is the BEST bonus for connecting the dots between the incredible Project Next Program and creating wildly successful virtual events of your own!

Dean & Tony

BONUS #4 (Value: Priceless)

Win One Of Pete's Stages

We’re the ONLY ones who have secured the opportunity for at least 1-person to win one of Pete’s Stages! Imagine being the one on stage with speakers like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Jenna Kutcher, Pete Vargas.

This EXCLUSIVE opportunity isn’t being offered anywhere else. When you purchase Project Next through Pete Vargas, you will have the chance see your name written next to the biggest names in the world as a speaker!

MIC DROP BONUS (Value $997)

5 Clients in 5 Days Masterclass

The 5 Clients in 5 Days Event is THE one-day event that will not only help you learn the best way to secure consistent clients, but potentially cover the entire cost of Project Next!

With this MIC DROP BONUS will learn EXACTLY how to gain one client per day, how to earn back your investment on Project Next AND get powerful tools to start growing your client list, boost revenue, and get a consistent income that frees up time, stress, and finances.

Earn back your investment and get powerful tools to start growing your client list, boost revenue, and get a consistent income that frees up time, stress, and finances.


Join Project Next
through Pete Vargas!

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